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This page was last updated: August 2, 2010
Exciting News for Oil Well Use
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Production is increased from half a barrel to as much as 11 barrels per day in Texas oil fields using LCR AgWash.

The "nano-technology colloidal micelle", the tiny spherical particles of our formulas, form mild solutions that dissolve heavy grease, oil and other hydrocarbons. The dissolved oil becomes bio-degradable and breaks down into nitrate, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.  A natural fit for the formulas became apparent when the energy crisis encouraged the use of existing, but low-producing, domestic oil wells.

Well Bore Cleaner
As an oil well depletes its production, it is slowed by sand, water-emulsions, waxes and damage done by acid and other stimulation treatments. The ideal flow is possible once the sediment wax emulsions are dissolved by using one of our formulas as a well bore cleaner, which improves the flow substantially. The surface tensions in the formation are made ideal for increased flow and improved oil recovery. If the additive is then squeezed back into the formation, it will dissolve emulsions, re-wet the formation and improve the flow of produced oil even further.

Rig Wash
As drilling encroaches into environmentally sensitive areas, attention is paid to products being used on drilling locations. The issues may run from federal and State disposal issues, to local disposal wells and illegally dropped waste and contaminated water. There are very limited sources to reclaim or recycle liquid waste and solid waste disposal is an expensive cost.

Rig washing is a necessary part of the drilling operation, not just for safety of the rig floor workers but also for the containment and sustaining the environment around the drill site. In the case of some recent gas plays like the Barnett Shale, drilling rigs are operating in neighborhoods, near schools, city buildings and airports.

As the Rig Wash combines with the drilling fluid, it breaks down the cuttings, oil and bacteria in the water. It will not let the oil portion recoat the drill pipe, rig floor and work areas. The colloid technology essentially breaks down the solids, oil and biodegrades the solids in a biomass.

A 4% solution of one of our formulas used as a rig wash was tested and found to be an effective cleaner even under static conditions. The Rig Wash improves the wash off capabilities by penetrating the mud and lowering the interfacial tension between the liquid and the surface. Cleanup is effective and complete when using pressure wash or agitation. The oil is broken down to a biomass, safe for disposal. The solution was then diluted 1 part rig wash to 4 parts water and still was as effective as the concentrate.

Multiple use of the cleaner at various concentrations
These are the proposed multi applications of the natural sustainable products and technology:

  • Universal Cleaner/Degreaser - 1% active
  • Coil tubing cleaner - 4% active
  • Engine cleaner - 6% active
  • Oil spill and driveway cleaner - 4% active
  • Parts cleaner and shop cleaner - 1% active
  • Rig wash - 4% active
  • Well bore cleaner - 12% active
  • Slick water surfactant - 12% active
  • Water flood surfactant - 4% active

The product is produced as a 100% concentrate and, while effective as a cleaner in concentrated form, the addition of water significantly enhances the performance of the product. The product can also be made into a gel form to improve set time in specific applications.