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Our Mission:

The LCR family is a distributor of LCR AgWash and other colloidal micelle soap formulas. We are so proud to be part of America's efforts to go green at every level, not just in the home. We are committed to making a cleaner, safer and healthier world for all beings.  Towards that objective we have dedicated our lives to providing the best dietary supplements (Nutrition - Ranch Siteand to locating safer, healthier ways to clean up our world and keep it that way.  In fact we have been using colloidal soaps ourselves for over ten years.

Environmentally friendly spring cleaning!!

Why go non-toxic?
The bottom line? To live longer and stay healthier. While it is true that we cannot eliminate all toxic products from daily life, we can begin by providing our customers with toxin-free products. By doing so, we improve the quality of life for ourselves, our families, our communities, and therefore all creatures in our environment. 

LCR's promise and guarantee ... that you will love the way LCR AgWash cleans and smells, and if you are not completely satisfied just return the unused portion or empty bottle within 30 days and we will refund the price to you; shipping excluded, and offer applies to retail customers only with proof of purchase.  
LCR AgWash is safe for those who are chemically sensitive, immune compromised and hypo allergenic. By using the finest of coconut oils and other natural ingredients, LCR AgWash is especially gentle on the skin, but still powerful enough to cut through the toughest of cleaning jobs with a delectable aroma.
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Safeguard Your Customers 
and Your Family

If you grow crops, have green house operations, organic farm, do permaculture or just have a home garden and want to assure you are safeguarding what you produce, eat and sell, you need to be using a revolutionary product called LCR Eco Miracle.

Products like this only come along once every 10 to 25 years that actually can change the way we live. 

LCR Eco Miracle is one of these products and that is why we say "Better than Organic", it's a level above organic! 

There are so many things that effect what we grow that we can't see, smell taste, and have no control over. LCR Eco Miracle is the Safeguard that you can't afford not to be using because of all the natural benefits that come with it's use.

What is LCR Eco Miracle?

1.A Biobotanical, all natural product, made from 100% plant derivatives, a simple non-chemical soap. All ingredients are food grade. 

2.Nanomicelle -- Activated by a proprietary blending process. LCR Eco Miracle expands root systems up to 50% this enables plants to absorb more nutrients and become more drought resistant. LCR Eco Miracle is not a fertilizer but stimulates your plants that enables them to absorb more nutrients, this equals more yield. 

3.Enhance Biophoton System -- The plants Biophoton system is enhanced, producing 15 to 35% more crop yield by increasing the plants potential. 

4.Brix levels -- Sugar content in fruit and vegetables, are naturally increased significantly by using LCR Eco Miracle on a maintenance program LCR Eco Miracle is a natural soil purifier. It breaks down contaminates, toxins and chemicals in the soil very rapidly when used on a maintenance schedule during your growing cycles; every three (3) weeks during the growing cycle and then continue to apply to bare ground after harvest, one, two or three applications. 

5.Vegetable Wash -- LCR Eco Miracle is a vegetable wash, used as a wash and soak, eliminates airborne contaminates and chemicals on the products surfaces that you can't control on your growing areas or from the grocery store. By soaking your fruits and vegetables in a 100/1 solution you can as much as double the shelf life! That's 93 cents a gallon at retail pricing. 

6.Eliminate Pesticides -- When used on a maintained schedule during your growing cycles. It's a natural soap that emulsifies bugs. 

7.Odor Control -- Spray your compost piles to control odor and helps break down material faster. 

8.Save -- Inexpensive! One gallon of 25% concentrate makes 128 gallons of RTU spray, that's just 31 cents a gallon at retail pricing. Bulk purchases can drop the price to as low as 15 cents a gallon, a little over $3 an acre.

We are what we eat so eat the best!
Safeguard You and Your Family to the fullest!